Friday, August 30, 2013

bzzcampaign: Kroger Mega Sale - stock up with food and school supplies

Through bzzagent I was enrolled in the back to school sale by Kroger. School has already started here, but I never need an excuse to stop by Kroger. So off I went this morning to cash in on the digital downloads from the last 3 Fridays, get some customer reward freebies (Crystal Light sticks, Granola bars) and see what else is available on clearance.
I came out with bags full of stuff for lunch, dessert and plenty of goodies to pack for lunch bags. Here is an image of the total haul, which came to only $25.55 - what a bargain!
copyright Durhamonthecheap - Kroger haul today for $25.55!
So I started off with the digital downloads from the last three weeks, which was a 2L bottle of soda, some Gatorade shake with extra protein and an energy drink. The Gatorade will come in handy to pack for lunch. I then selected a treat, 6 candied apples with sugar coating and rolled in nuts - yum! I also selected a rare treat, three Asian pears, which were on sale for only 99 cents/pound. Then I bought for lunch this weekend some pork chops, portobello mushrooms and snow peas for steaming.

I also found EmergenC reduced. This EmergenC was for joint health and came in tangerine flavor. If you have followed my blog, you know that I love EmergenC because it is good for you and tasty! Kroger has been really good in making coupons available and so I used free product coupons for Granola bars and Crystal Light on the go sticks - both products I love and regularly use in lunch boxes. Lastly I could not resist and bought some more coffee, the Private Selection Mocha Latte just sounded too good and was on sale + I had a coupon, which made this another great Kroger bargain.

Last but not least, Goldfish crackers were reduced and I found the BBQ flavored variety, which I could not resist because they are great as a snack during breaks and will make it into the lunch bag for several days in a row.

Overall, a great trip to Kroger and I love the savings, but also the ability to feed my family some healthy items in the next few days that are fresh and tasty!

copyright Durhamonthecheap - healthy and tasty lunch thanks for McCormick and Kroger!
I prepared a quick lunch using the pork chops, mushrooms and snow peas. For added flavor I used McCormick Grill Mates in Molasses Bacon flavor. I simply sprinkled some of the flavoring over the meat and mushrooms while sauteing them in the pan and the flavor turned out fantastic. Not only did the meat receive a nice color that just looked yummy, but the portobello mushrooms really picked up the bacon flavoring well. The meal was rich and flavorful and it only took a few minutes to prep.

Disclaimer: I received a discount through bzzagent for shopping at Kroger and providing an honest review about my shopping experience. The opinions expressed in this blogpost are solely my own and have not been influenced by any third party.

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