Monday, August 5, 2013

Product Review (bzzagent) Chilean Wines - Frontera Moscato

Through I was provided with several mail in rebates for $5 off to Frontera wines from Chile. I had never heard of Frontera wines before, but certainly was willing to sample a wine that was supposed to taste like $20 a bottle, but would only set us back $5. Especially when a friend of mine told me that she loves the Moscato and was eagerly  begging me for a MIR form. I decided to give the Moscato a try and currently Harris Teeter is running a special, selling the Moscato in the 750ml bottles at 2 for $10. So with the $5 off rebate form, I ended up getting two bottles of Moscato for $5, really a true bargain for wine.

Then came the important question, how does it taste? Even the best bargain is a loss, if the wine is bad. But the Frontera Moscato was a pleasant surprise. I had a three way sampling event, pairing the Moscato with two more expensive wines, both of which were rose wines. While each wine had a distinctive flavor, the Moscato did not seem the cheapest wine. As a matter of fact, all three wines were judged equally good by us.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - ready for the sampling, Frontera versus the rest!
After the official testing, we got down to the enjoyable, non-work (tasting) part of the evening. We paired Frontera Moscato with an antipasto plate consisting of cheese, peppers and cold cuts. The Moscato worked out well and the dinner tasted phenomenal because the Frontera wine was not overpowering the meal, but nicely complementing it.  The light and fruity flavor of the Moscato makes it an ideal meal companion that can go with savory meals like the antipasto, but could also be used as a dessert wine with a cheese plate or an apple tart.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - Moscato to go with an antipasto platter - perfect light dinner!
Overall, I was definitely impressed with the Moscato from Frontera. The price, especially at the current sale at Harris Teeter, was definitely a bargain and the wine is great. It is perfect for summer, light so you can drink a glass more than usual and the flavor is light as well, making it perfect as a regular wine to go with dinner. I usually cool it down a little bit and then drink it with dinner and sip on another glass after dinner. If you are looking for quality wines that do not break the bank, give Frontera a try!

Disclaimer: Through I received several mail in rebates for $5 off two bottles of Frontera wine in exchange for promoting the wine on social networks, in person and on blogs. The opinions expressed in this blog are solely my own and have not been influenced by or any other third party.

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