Saturday, August 17, 2013

Subscription box review: Goodies Box for August 2013

copyright Durhamonthecheap - Goodies box August 2013
 Yesterday I received my Goodies Co. box for August and this month I am really missing the beverage. It is summer outside and warm and I was looking forward to a quirky, new, innovative beverage. But instead I got a full-size cookie mix, which is fine and I will use it. I also got a lot of small samples that really are too small to share. The nice thing about the beverage samples in the other boxes was the fact that they were large enough to share and usually a couple of other samples were substantial enough to allow for two adults to share a small snack.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - a lot of small samples included in this box
The samples were a good variety, covering the range from popcorn to brownies to fruit gummies. A couple of samples were somewhat disappointing. The Tangy Zangy fruit gums were advertised on the bag as sour wild berry, but to me they were neither sour nor really tasted like wild berry. So that was clearly a let down and I definitely am relieved that no larger sample was included for them.
Another disappointing sample were the Poplets. Not really sure what they were supposed to have as texture, but to me they tasted like the unpopped kernels left in the bag of microwave popcorn. Definitely will not be buying these ever again, no matter how much my dentist would like me since he needs money to put his three sons through college - j/k, he is happier to see people with good teeth that just need two check ups a year and are done than people that need fillings or other treatments.
The Motts I have had before and they are okay. I am not so much into the overall fairly bland flavor they have. The Fiber One and Nature Valley samples were quite good, especially the Nature Valley sample was yummy. One recommendation for Goodies, it is summer in most of the country and shipping chocolate covered anything is not the best idea, unless someone is home to pick up items from the post office. The Nature Valley Thin was covered in chocolate that had melted and was stuck to the wrapper. This happened despite me being home to get the mail. But the mailman is driving around in a car that is warm and can melt chocolate.
This weekend I will bake the Hershey cookies because I need some items for dessert and will also sample the coffee drink - supposedly just added to hot or cold water to get coffee. This sample I am looking forward to since I do not like instant coffee as powder because it tends to be too sweet and does not always dissolve properly. So a liquid "concentrate" to make a cup of coffee sounds like a good solution to my instant coffee hatred.
Please keep in mind that Goodies Co is affiliated with Walmart and so if you have strong feelings about Walmart either way that may affect your judgment of Goodies. I still like Goodies because they do include new items on my meal plan with their monthly box and for $7 the price is not that high. I see my Goodies subscription box  as my monthly treat instead of a mani or pedi, but with benefits for everyone in my household since we can always share something - such as the cookies this month. And when you consider that the cookie mix sells for about $5 a box on, then $2 for the remaining samples and shipping is not bad. I just wish they had included another beverage since I really like to sample new sodas or juices without the risk of having to buy a 6-pack at the store.

Disclaimer: I received this box for a nominal fee of $7 in exchange for providing online reviews of the products included. The opinions expressed in this blog are solely my own and have not been influenced by Goodies Co or any third party.


Melanie said...

Sounds like a great sample box; I have never heard of Goodies Co. but love the variety that they include in the box and for $7 not a bad price to sample some new products to see if you really like them. I like that idea. I will check it out, thanks for sharing

Carmen Uballe said...

I need to sign up for Goodies Co.. most subscription boxes I sign up for have nothing I will use.. either make up or food.. 99% of the items in these boxes that you have showed I would eat with no problem lol especially the candy....