Saturday, January 18, 2014

A big thank you to Kroger for a nice weekend surprise

Soon it will be Super Bowl time and companies will spend millions of dollars on commercials to drum up business. This morning the S. Roxboro Kroger in Durham did something that may in the long run be more effective in bringing business to the store.

I was shopping again for bargains this morning and ended up with some good deals. including the Mountain Dew Kickstart, which was the Friday Freebie download. On this note, please make sure you sign up for a Kroger account and shopping card so you too can benefit from the weekly free download. A review of the Mountain Dew Kickstart will follow soon. It is a new product that combines fruit juice with Mountain Dew and it intended to be a morning beverage.

Anyway, while I was hopping at Kroger, I saw a staff member putting some flowers into the shopping cart of another female shopper and figured that the lady had purchased the flowers and had just gotten them specifically wrapped. But then I was asked whether I wanted some flowers too. I rarely splurge on flowers, but I do enjoy flowers and have planted a lot of flowers in my garden so I can enjoy them throughout the year. Now it being winter, there are no flowers in my garden and so I accepted the offer. I was handed flowers that had previously been reduced for quick sale and happily carried them home.

As I said, it may not mean millions of Kroger funds spend. But to me and several other shoppers it made for a nice surprise. I put the flowers into two small vases so I can enjoy them in my kitchen and the office and they brighten up the place. Again, thanks Kroger  - it is sometimes the little things than can make a big difference!

copyright Durhamonthecheap - some nice cut flowers from Kroger as a weekend surprise!

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