Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bargain hunt at Kroger - a rare treat and then some!

I withdrew my usual weekly spending money this morning and decided to go to Kroger to check out any clearance items and see whether I could find some cheap bread. In case you did now know, Saturday mornings or weekday evenings after 6PM are a great time to stop by the S. Roxboro Kroger in Durham and see what reduced for sale items you can find. They often reduce baked goods, including really good bread and cakes to half-price. In addition, they got two locations in the store for reduced frozen items and regular grocery items. Check the store out and you will be surprised what you can find.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - bargains at the local Kroger store in S. Durham
So what did I get this morning for less than $13 total? I ended up with 6 Fage Greek Yogurt, which I love and especially at a price of 68 cents each. The Jeno's personal pizza was the free Friday download. I have never had this pizza before, but they are available in combination or pepperoni flavor. I bought the hash browns on sale for less than $2 because having the diced frozen potatoes at home is so convenient for fixing a quick meal either at breakfast or dinner. For dinner this weekend, I picked up some baby bellas reduced for quick sale. I love the flavor of portabello mushrooms and they go well when added to diced vegetables and potatoes in a pan dinner.

I also scored for 99 cents a large container of fried ice cream from the Kroger brand. I love fried ice cream and so getting this flavor so cheap is a real treat. Add a scoop of that to a waffle cone and you have summer in a second with that dessert. I also have some fudge sauce left in the fridge and this ice cream covered in some hot fudge sauce is a fancy, but affordable dessert. I also picked up some rolls reduced for sale and this will get toasted, covered in ham and cheese for a quick lunch this weekend. Similar to Hawaiian Toast, the mild flavor of the rolls goes well with warm ham and cheese. If you put the rolls covered in your favorite meat and cheese topping under the broiler for a few second to get the cheese melted and bubbly, you have a flavorful and quick lunch.

Lastly, my personal favorite and a treat that will only be purchased if the product is reduced for quick sale - McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Digestives. I love these English digestive biscuits. I know the name sounds a little bit weird, but these are so good. You only need one of these, which are covered in rich milk chocolate, and a cup of hot tea to be in an English Ms. Marple heaven. These biscuits are quite rich, about 80 calories a piece, and when paired with a cup of tea, the whole wheat flavor and the milk chocolate are perfect for a nice strong Assam brew. Here is the website for these little morsels of luxury. Best of all McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Digestives contain no artificial flavors or colors, and no hydrogenated fat. I am absolutely in love with them. I bought all the chocolate flavored ones, but left a couple of the original ones in the store. They were reduced from $3.99 to $1.00 and at that price, they are a true bargain!

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