Monday, September 22, 2014

Book Review: One Evening in Paris by Nicholas Barreau

If you are a romantic at heart that has never given up the dream of finding your soul mate or your Prince Charming by just walking down the street, is book is for you. And what better place to find real romance than Paris, France? 

Here we find Alain Bonnard and his art-house movie theater. Here there is no place for Hollywood movies, cheap popcorn and soft drinks. This is a movie theater for art connoisseurs and so the movie theater is not really a big money maker. Because even Paris, France has moved into modern times and Alain’s dream of a movie theater than transforms people’s lives may fall victim to modern economic reality.
But Alain is a true romantic, living for his dreams first and reality second; so he persists and his persistence is rewarded. He gets the chance of a lifetime. Because his art-house theater has aroused the attention of Allan Woods, a famous American director, who wants to use Alain’s theater as backdrop for his new movie. And this means free advertisement and full houses for Alain. But just when everything is going well for Alain’s business, his private life has suffered. 

One of the regulars in his movie theater was a women that would come once a week and always sit in the same place. Of course, Alain was intrigued and also a little bit in love with her. A little romance even developed between the two after Alain finally found the courage to talk to the mystery cinema lover. But now with full houses every evening, the mystery woman has disappeared. No more weekly visits and Alain, the romantic, must find her. Because Paris, France after all is like Alain all about finding true love and less about making money with art-house movies. 

This book is a fun read, without going overboard on the romantic angle, Nicolas Barreau lets you dream about finding your soul mate by chance and takes the reader on a journey where the book’s hero, Alain Bonnard, is determined to do just that.

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