Monday, September 22, 2014

Book Review: Silence for the Dead by Simone St. James

England after the Great War is slowly finding back to normalcy, but for many returning soldiers, just like today, normalcy is harder to find. Kitty Weekes, a young woman on the run from home, helping soldiers returning from the war seems as good a job as any to go into hiding. The remote location of one such place, Portis House, where returning soldiers are being helped seems to offer some protection for Kitty. But has Kitty made a wise choice?

We know that she left worse behind at home than her present work at Portis House, surrounded by shell-shocked soldiers, the despair, the lack of budget to really affect any change. But then where did the one nurse disappear to and why is Portis House short one patient? Kitty is rarely afraid and certainly knows how to find solutions to most problems. But there are just too many unsolved mysteries in Portis House. People disappearing, the house possibly haunted and some unspoken evil that seems to emanate from the house.

Kitty must gather all her wits, enter some potentially dangerous alliances and be brave beyond her years to determine what is at the heart of the trouble at Portis House.

If you like Victorian mysteries, like Anne Perry, this book is right for you. Kitty is in many ways another one of the female heroines that predate her time. Living in an era, when even after World War I and the emancipation of women, females were still considered the weaker gender; Kitty is now showing strength to tackle issues that most men would not dare to deal with.

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