Thursday, March 29, 2012

Harris Teeter Meal deal - valid until 4/3/12

This week the meal deal is much better since it allows for the ingredients to be mixed and matched to generate several meals.

BUY ALL FOR $9.99: (save at least $8.77!)
  • one (1) 2 lb. chub Harris Teeter Rancher Ground Chuck;
  • one (1) 11-16 oz. Arnold Hamburger Buns;
  • one (1) 6.7-8 oz. Sargento Sliced Cheese; and
  • one (1) 10 oz. Utz Chips 
Keep in mind that the ground beef from Harris Teeter does not contain pink slime according to the published statement here

To make the meal healthier - rather than make cheeseburgers with chips, as the meal deal suggests. Make regular burgers, topped with fresh tomatoes and even consider adding veggies to the meat patties before you grill them to further reduce the fat content. A recipe for meat/veggie burgers is here. The patty contains mushrooms, onion and bell pepper.
The cheese I would use to make grilled sandwiches. Don't forget that Sargento offers reduced fat varieties for their sliced cheeses. Since you can buy any Sargento sliced cheese you can use a cheese other than regular cheddar to make gourmet-style grilled cheese sandwiches. The website here lists different suggestions for grilled cheese sandwiches with fruit or veggies.  The chips, adequately portioned, can be a nice addition to a salad for lunch.

I have to say, I really like the meal deal this week since it contains products that can be used in a variety of meals and so even the relatively unhealthy potato chips can be turned into a diet-friendly meal when combined with a salad.


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