Thursday, March 8, 2012

Smarterer - test your knowledge online on fun topics from social networking to computer software

Smarterer is a fun way to test your knowledge online. You go to their homepage here, create an account to login and select a topic that interests you or in which you want to learn more. I started to test my knowledge on, the company that first introduced me to smarterer through one of their campaigns, and yes I learned some more stuff about the bzzagent. Even though I have been affiliated with bzzagent for years, I did not know when precisely the company was founded or the background of the CEO.
I then went on to select powerpoint as the next topic because even though I regularly use powerpoint for presentations, I figured that I can maybe make my presentations more interesting once I fully appreciate the potential that powerpoint has. I rarely take the time during the work to just play around with an application, unless I need to figure out how to do something. So taking tests using smarterer is a fun way to learn some more about standard office programs that may prove useful in the long run.
Another area in which smarterer offers online tests is social networking. You can test your knowledge on Twitter and Facebook. Everyone is concerned about privacy and security on social networking sites, so that is where I plan to head next. I wonder what interesting pieces of information I can pick up in a test on Facebook - maybe even how to turn off the timeline feature for good!

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