Monday, March 12, 2012

Hill's® Science Diet® Ideal Balance - bzzcampaign and rebate offer

It seems that companies are finally waking up to the desire by petowners to feed their dogs and cats high quality food without a lot of filler material. The problem of filler material was first brought to my attention about a decade ago when I took my shelter dog to its first vet appointment and the vet thought the dull fur was due to bad nutrition and warned me about bargain dog food that contained mostly byproducts and grain. Lack of protein can contribute to dogs having dull fur and lacking energy. Ever since then I have been careful about the dog food I purchase and made sure that protein was present as a main ingredient and the contents listed were items that I could understand.

Through, I am now enrolled in a campaign to try out a new dog food by Hill's Science Diet called "Ideal Balance". It prides itself on containing only high quality ingredients and no fillers. The main ingredient, according to the website here, is chicken. Because you can not expect this dog food would be priced as cheaply as some of the bargain dog foods that have mostly grain as ingredients, Hill's Science Diet has come up with a nice rebate offer. In exchange for trying out the new Ideal Balance dog food, you can get the price reimbursed (up to $12.99). The link above is for the rebate offer, which is valid until the end of this year.

The site also has a nice comparison chart with other dog foods - including Blue Buffalo as well as Nutro Natural Choice, Natural Balance, Wellness, Innova, Iams, and Nestle Purina ONE. Give it a try, but as always keep in mind that the data is from a Hill's Science Diet website. I actually checked the Blue Buffalo website, but their comparison with Hill's Science Diet does not include the Ideal Balance brand of dog food.

I am not certain what goodies I will receive in my bzzkit for the Ideal Balance test, but if I do not have enough coupons to go around to everyone of my friends and colleagues, the rebate offer from Hill's Science Diet sounds like an ideal way to try out a new brand of high quality dog food without risking a dime (except maybe the postage).

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Disclaimer: In exchange for participating in the bzzcampaign for Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance, I will receive a coupon for a bag of free dog food. The opinions expressed in this blog entry are solely my own and have not influenced by or any other third party.

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