Friday, March 16, 2012

Reminder - backyard critters need water the warmer it gets outside

It may only be March and in some parts of the USA it may still be rather cold, but here in North Carolina it is already very much like spring and temperatures this week have been around 80oF. I have had water out all the time, ever since I moved into this house because there is no lake or stream nearby. Ever since then, squirrels and birds come regularly to drink or, like in the video above, to bath.

I want to therefore remind everyone that if you can, please put a birdbath out and enjoy your backyard becoming a haven for birds and all kinds of critters. It does not need to be a fancy birdbath. I simply re-purposed a planter saucer. I try to put in fresh water at least every 2 days to make sure that no mosquitoes develop in the summer and that the birds do not get sick because green algae do tend to form if it is warm and the water stands for too long.

So do something good for the birds and find a bowl, not too deep, add some water, and enjoy your backyard zoo!

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