Saturday, November 9, 2013

Rare treat - Dunkin Donuts Dozen and a large coffee with cream and sugar

And before everyone panics, no I did not eat a dozen donuts from DD. I simply splurged for a weekend treat on buying a dozen donuts from DD to enjoy and treat ourselves to fresh donuts and flavors that we like. We have survived our grocery story holiday with plenty more money in a bank account and I still monitor carefully what I am spending (less than $12 at Harris Teeter today). So I felt that I could splurge on dessert for the weekend.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - wonderful dessert for the weekend for $10 and everyone gets to enjoy it!
As I was selecting the donuts, I noticed several new flavors. Besides our usual favorite of toasted coconut, they now also have a chocolate coconut at DD. New to us was also a red velvet donuts. No dozen would be completed without the frosted maple or the lemon. And then of course there is the Bismarck. Combined with a large coffee, cream and sugar, to go, just looking at the picture makes you happy. At least it makes me happy.

What is your favorite donut flavor? And are you a Dunkin fan or do you prefer any of DD's competitors?

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