Saturday, November 9, 2013

Requiem for another subscription box: My last Goodies box October 2013

So with Goodies another subscription service stops. First Cravebox, now Goodies - what is a blogger with a yearning for new items to review to do? Well I did make use of a special to Nature Box and signed up with them and my first Nature Box is supposed to get here next week. We will see how I like their products.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - Goodies October 2013 box contents - loved all of it! So sad to see this box stop.

The above image shows the contents of the October 2013 box for Goodies. I love everything in it. The Nourish Kellogs sample is great for the cold morning we have, when people want a warm breakfast. The Lunchables Jr was nice, although I did not care that they included blueberry-flavored dried apple pieces. I would much rather have real fruit in the flavor indicated included. The Belgian truffles were awesome, smooth and silky, just dissolving in your mouth. The smores bar was a great snack since it was healthy, but still tasted great.

I love Chai and I was happy to see a new brand included since it will give me more options when buying Chai in the future. I have not had time to try out the pizza dough, but I have some veggies from the garden in the fridge and so a homemade pizza with some peppers and grated cheese and may a little bit of ham and some onions sounds like a good dinner in the near future. The Greek yogurt in the bag was outstanding because the flavor was strong and the portion size was just right. Best of all, you can now pack yogurt in the lunch bag and do not need to keep it cool. The weakest component was probable the Choco-Pie because the chocolate flavor was weak and the whole concoction tasted almost stale. I was not a friend of this sample.

Overall, this was one of the better Goodies boxes and so that makes it double sad that no more Goodies Boxes will be coming my way. I discovered some great items through Goodies. We are still sampling the Chipotle Mango and Raspberry sauces that I got to know through this subscription service. I hope that Walmart will come up with a new subscription service at some point in the future because they had some awesome products and for $7 the price for each box was more than reasonable.

Do you have a favorite subscription service for food, makeup, clothing etc? What makes that subscription service special to you?

Disclaimer: I received the Goodies Company box in exchange for a nominal fee. The opinions expressed in this blog are solely my own and have not been influenced by any third party.

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