Monday, January 21, 2013

Product Review: Effie's Homemade - Oat Cakes

In my most recent Goodies box I had a small sample of Effie's Homemade - Oat Cakes. Initially, I was somewhat suspicious because Oat Cakes simply sounded too healthy and I was worried about the cracker-like cookies tasting too dry and not having much flavor. In other words I was expecting the things to taste like wood shavings. I was totally off. These little cookies are absolutely delicious.

Who would have thought oatcakes could taste this good? (source here)
The oat cakes taste like a mix of toasted oats, butter and sugar and while totally different in texture from shortbread, just like shortbread they are to me a comfort food-type cookie.

On the website at Effie's Homemade here, they recommend or suggest to pair the oat cakes with sharp cheddar, tea, jam or chocolate. But quite frankly, I simply ate the oat cakes like cookies because I wanted to enjoy the flavor. And this got me going on my new mission, finding a good recipe for homemade oat cakes. So I googled for Scottish Oat Cakes and found several recipes. I finally settled on this one here because it uses real oats, not oatmeal, and standard ingredients that I always have in my pantry. The comments from people having tried the recipe are good as well and describe the recipe as easy and the oat cakes as delicious. So in the near future, I will be attempting homemade oat cakes.

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