Sunday, June 22, 2014

#BouqLove - Bouqs, where you can order flowers directly from the grower, and be assured freshes flowers in brilliant colors!

While I have plenty of flowers in my garden, I also have relatives living quite a distance away and so throughout the year, I need to send flowers to friends. Also, ever so often I treat myself to a fresh bouquet. 
One thing I noticed is that the quality of flowers, in particular how fresh they are can differ significantly between different online florist retailers. So when I heard of The Bouqs I got excited because this company will ship flowers directly from the grower and by cutting out the middleman, they offer better freshness in their flowers and can also reduce the prices. 

Now wonder that people in the industry have taken notice of The Bouqs and not just since they appeared on shows such as Shark Tank or were featured in national magazines such as Forbes or O! Oprah Magazine.  Their business model is both unique and very customer friendly. Convince yourself, by visiting their website here.
With The Bouqs, you can have your flowers personally delivered from their flower farm. The Bouqs farm is located near an active volcano and so the soil , which their flowers grow, is especially rich, allowing the flowers to end up looking healthy with vibrant colors. The Bouqs will only cut flowers after they are ordered, no cutting and storing. So you are truly getting farm-fresh flowers. If you spend money on farm-raised chickens and eggs, organic vegetables, it only makes sense to hold your flower bouquets to the same standard. 
But The Bouqs is unique in other aspects as well. Their customer friendly approach extends to their pricing. There is no shipping; that’s right free shipping on all orders. In addition, flat pricing for their Original size bouquet – this bouquet is always $40 delivered to your door! That means no hidden fees, charges or other unwelcome surprised. 
And for the Fourth of July, The Bouqs are bringing back their Red, White and Bouq (which is red, white, and blue roses)! This patriotic bouquet, pictured here, is perfect as a hostess gift for your Fourth of July parties or to spruce up your dinner table if you play the hostess with the prettiest and freshest bouquet in town! 
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for which I received reimbursement. Nevertheless, the opinions expressed in this blog post re solely my own and have not been influenced by any third party. 

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