Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Book Review: And Then I Found You by Patti Callahan Henry

Can you undo decisions from your past and have another go at life? This for me was the central theme of the book. Kate Vaughn owns a thriving business, has strong family support and a wonderful boyfriend. So why is she not satisfied? Something is nagging at her and it has to do with a love lost long ago, but having been her first love, Jack was never quite replaced by the wonderful boyfriend Rowan. Especially since the bond with Jack went beyond that of just a boyfriend. 

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So rather than settling into a comfortable routine with Rowan, Kate wonders what happened to the figures of her past. She decides to find out and to reconnect with those figures of her past. The author shows great sensitivity towards Kate and her attempt to reconnecting with the past. This is in part due to the fact that the storyline was inspired by a true story that the author herself experienced. Without disclosing too much of the story, the author manages to capture the fear, trepidations and doubts that haunt Kate as she travels back to Jack and her past love and life. 

This to me was an interesting book because it focuses on an issue that is unique to the author’s life, but the story itself is written in a way that we all can relate to Kate’s journey. We all have made decisions in the past that we want to revisit and see how things could turn out differently if we had another chance. Kate undertakes that journey and while it is not easy, the author points out the reward of that undertaking.

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