Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Product Review: Frosted Flakes® Choco Zucaritas -

Through, I was mailed two boxes of Frosted Flakes® Choco Zucaritas, which are frosted flakes with chocolate flavor. That sounds like a perfect dessert and not like a breakfast and so on the first day, I decided to serve them as an after dinner snack right out of the box. They were a big hit because they are sweet and with chocolate flavor. It is like dunking regular frosted flakes into chocolate milk.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - don't those chocolate flakes look good?
Of course you can also eat these Frosted Flakes® Choco Zucaritas like regular Cornflakes and cover them in milk for a light breakfast. Which we did the next morning and I am not sure how long that first box will last. It is definitely a nice change because the Frosted Flakes® Choco Zucaritas are really a good chocolate cereal that does not taste artificial.

copyright Durhamonthecheap

 The Choco Zucaritas taste great. They taste chocolatey, but not overly sweet. They are actually not as sweet as the regular frosted flakes and I love how the milk takes on a mild chocolate flavor if you leave the cereal long enough in the bowl. Overall, I am glad that Kellogs is introducing this cereal to the USA. It can be hard to make simple things good and this chocolate cereal is very good. and a great additional to the Kellogs line.

Disclaimer: I received two boxes of Choco Zucaritas for sampling through The opinions expressed in this blog are my own and have not been influenced by bzzagent or any third party.

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