Thursday, April 4, 2013

Book Review: A Function of Murder (Professor Sophie Knowles) by Ada Madison

A Function of Murder (Professor Sophie Knowles)

Who says math professors are boring? The heroine, if you can call the math professor Dr. Sophie Knowles turned amateur sleuth a heroine, of this story certainly brings life to the everyday routine of a small all-women college that will now accept their first freshmen class of male students.

Mixed into the excitement of graduation and the forthcoming changes of the admission criteria is a heinous and brutal murder. Someone dared to turn the graduation gift letter opener into a murder weapon and while the graduation speech yielded a mixed reception surely the speech was not so bad that the speaker had to be killed. But here it is. Mayer Graves, a few hours after providing well scripted notes to graduating seniors, is found with a letter opener in his back and very dead. So Sophie Knowles and her boyfriend Bruce will have to get busy, solving the crime and allowing the students of Henley College to focus yet again on math and academics.

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Ada Madison comes up with a wonderfully written cozy mystery that shows that mathematicians are real people too and can use their brain for a common sense approach to solving crime rather than just dissecting complex equations. In Dr. Sophie Knowles, Ada Madison has come up with a no nonsense college professor that seems to be able to say the right things at the right time and throughout the excitement of murder in a small college town maintains her sense of humor. In part because of the main character’s approach to the smaller and larger dramas of college life, this book is a lively read that certainly kept me chuckling along with the adventures of Sophie and Bruce.

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