Sunday, April 21, 2013

Moms Meet: Sambazon fruit juice and smoothie testing

Last week the Moms meet kit arrive to do a sampling party for Sambazon juices and smoothies. The products are available at local grocery stores, including Kroger and Walmart. At Harris Teeter the bottle is about $3, which is quite expensive.
Below is an image of the kit contents. A very nice surprise included was the Acai Berry seed bracelet. I love the purple accent berry seed. The tote will certainly come in handy and there are plenty of free product coupons included for sharing and handing out to the sampling group.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - Sambazon sampling kit from Moms Meet.
 The Sambazon website here describes the juices as the natural way to drink energy because the products contain acai berries, which is all the rage right now as a superfruit. But not only will the company promise that their products taste great and provide excellent nutritional value, the Sambazon products are also exemplifying the sustainability approach of some companies. Sambazon products help people in the Amazon area and currently support the livelihood of 10,000 family farmers and 2 Million acres of Amazon rainforest.

Needless to say, I am very excited about sampling their products and before I provided the samples to my group, I purchased at the local store a protein shake that contained chocolate, coconut and almond. The bottle contains 1.3 servings with each serving having 200 calories, of which 70 calories are from fat. Each bottle is packed with 8g of protein and the description on the website promises that the organic whole food protein helps to build lean muscle and the healthy omegas contained in the smoothie help keep you full longer. Each smoothie also contains a delicious blend of açaí berries (over 90 in there!) blended with chocolate, coconut milk and a hint of almond. I sampled a little bit as a mid-morning snack and was quite impressed with the flavor. I am usually hesitant to try out energy drinks or protein shakes because I am not sure how they will taste or how my body can handle them. For example, I cannot handle monster drinks, way too much caffeine in a form that my body cannot handle despite my ability to drink coffee from morning to evening. But this protein smoothie tasted excellent and really filled me up until it was lunch time. I am curious to see how my sampling group will like these acai based drinks. I will include a mix of smoothies and fruit juices to show the variety of products available through Sambazon.

Disclaimer: I received the contents of the sampling kit through Moms Meet in exchange for hosting a sampling party and providing honest feedback about the Sambazon products.

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