Saturday, April 7, 2012

Atlanta Cheesecake Company Gourmet cheesecake - Lemon Swirl - available at Kroger

I had previously reviewed a product by the Atlanta Cheesecake Company, namely their Mascarpone cake that was a weekly special at Aldi. Going through my freezer I stumbled across a couple of cheesecakes that I had bought on clearance at Kroger some time ago in late 2011 and was saving for a special occasion such as a holiday or birthday celebration. I realized that they were also produced by the Atlanta Cheesecake Company and so I decided that for Easter weekend the Lemon Swirl Gourmet Cheesecake would be an appropriate dessert.

The cakes (I also bought a carrot cake cheesecake) were originally priced around $13 at Kroger and reduced to about $4 to $6 at Kroger. Kroger does not seem to have them on sale often because I know that I was lucky to find the cakes on sale. They are stored in the frozen section of the Bakery department at the Kroger on S. Roxboro St. in SW Durham.I assume that they would be found in a similar location at other Kroger stores.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - Atlanta Cheesecake Company - Lemon Swirl Gourmet Cheesecake
I put the frozen cheesecake overnight in the fridge to have it thawed out and ready to eat for dessert this weekend. The cake consists of 8 slices that are big. If you have small kids I would count one slice for two kids.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - the luscious goodness of a lemon swirl cheesecake
I took one slice and saw that the cheesecake had lemon fruit-filling inside the cake as well. So I was hoping for a light, but creamy lemon taste and I was not disappointed. I had been very impressed with the Mascarpone cake that Aldi had on sale earlier and Atlanta Cheesecake Company did not disappoint either with their lemon swirl cheesecake. The cake had just the perfect balance between lemon flavor and light cheesy goodness to make this a dessert that can be served at a special occasion. Despite the fact that the slices are fairly big, the cheesecake is very light, but creamy.

Is the cake worth the regular price of $13.00 - for sure. But if you are lucky you may find one the Atlanta Cheesecake Company cakes on sale at your neighborhood Kroger. If you do, I highly recommend grabbing one. This cake was in the freezer for at least 4 months, but you could never tell, the taste was still perfect.

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