Sunday, April 15, 2012

Restaurant style Pizza dinner on the cheap

Earlier this week, Domino's had their Facebook giveaway. A dinner just consisting of Domino's Artisan pizza, while not bad, just does not make it to the level of a restaurant-style dinner for Italian food. I did not want to just add a mixed salad, so I decided to throw together a home-made antipasto plate to go with the pizza.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - homemade antipasto plate - yummy, but very inexpensive
I still had some opened containers of the following in the fridge:
- marinated portabello mushrooms (can be bought at Aldi)
- pearl onions (really cheap at Kroger's if you buy the store brand)
- colored peppers (were on sale at Aldi a couple of weeks ago)
- three bean salad (also available at Aldi)
- asparagus / ham roll-ups (asparagus is on sale this week at Harris Teeter, ham was from Aldi )

For the asparagus / ham roll-ups, I bought a pound of green asparagus from Harris Teeter (on sale for $1.49) and then quickly cooked the stalks to ensure they were still crispy and not too tender. Then I rolled them up in some honey-baked ham from Aldi (regular price around $2.99).

Putting them also in bit-sized portions on a plate and the antipasto mix was the perfect home-made appetizer to a pizza dinner.

Instead of pearl onions or the portabello mushrooms, you can also use regular olives and pickles. I like to use a mix of sweet and sour, so sweet peppers and pearl onions with a small meat dish (the roll-ups) is always a nice combo.

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