Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mango / Peach smoothie from Silk - ideal summer beverage!

I was selected for the with Silk and their new fruit/protein drinks. Since everyone seems to like mango, I went and bought the mango/peach silk smoothie. Great choice! The mango and peach flavor really comes through and despite being healthy, the smoothie is so good that most people will not even realize that it is soy-based. If you have friends or relative who really do not like soy, this is an excellent choice to convince them that soy-based beverages can be tasty.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - mango, mango everywhere!
The fruit/protein Silk smoothie comes in a little bit small container than their usual soymilk and retails for about $2.70 in stores. The flavor, as I stated above, is excellent. The smoothie itself is nice and thick and I would recommend adding plenty of ice cubes to the smoothie to keep it cold and make it a little bit thinner, if you are like me and like to use a straw for smoothies.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - Mango/Peach smoothie on the rocks!
I added plenty of ice to the smoothie and then enjoyed it as a mid-morning snack. On a hot day, it was delicious and was an excellent pick me up in between meals.
For more information about this new product series from Silk - go to the Silk Fruit / Protein smoothie homepage here. The smoothie comes in additional flavors of Mixed Berry and Strawberry Banana.

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