Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chicago Fire - Season 2 starts on September 24, 2013

Chicago Fire is an action-packed drama that garnered more than 8.5 million viewers in its premiere season last year. So what is the show all about?

Chicago Fire deals with the experiences and adventures of firefighters and paramedics assigned to Engine Co 51 of the Chicago Fire Department. I mention that number because it is the same number that Emergency had their staff assigned to in LA, for some reason #51 must be a popular number for fictional fire departments engines or stations. Maybe there is special meaning to that number, but I am not aware of any connotations. If any of my readers know, please comment on why #51 gets picked in both of these shows!

The show does have individual episodes but there are also storylines that span several episodes, such as rivalries between the staff, which comes to the surface when a firefighter dies and various fractions blame each other for his death. In addition to these stories, there are also stories about new people joining the family and like every family this creates problems, but in the end they are one big family. I was say that overcoming differences and problems is one reason why I like this show because we all can relate to these issues in the workplace and so Chicago Fire is one of these shows in which characters on TV can almost feel like real characters in your life.

If this brief summary got you excited about the show, you can revisit your favorite episodes or catch up on Season 1 by going to here where all Season 1 episodes are available for free until 9-24-13, which by the way is an important date for Chicago Fire because ...

The premiere of  Season 2 for Chicago Fire on 9-24-13 at 10PM Eastern on NBC!

Disclaimer: This is a post in conjunction with a campaign for which I can receive behind the scenes access to the show and related material. The opinions expressed in the blog post are solely my own and have not been influenced by smiley360, NBC, or any third party.

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Victoria said...

I have just started watching the first season and I must say the first episode is really good. I think in the next few days I will be ready for season 2.