Saturday, September 7, 2013

Quick lunch with weekly specials from Harris Teeter: Sandwich with Fruit & Nut Chicken salad and fresh grapes

This week, Harris Teeter had one of my all time favorite salads on sale, the Fruit and Nut Cicken Salad from their deli counter. It was on sale for $5.99/pound and it is a wonderful mix of big chunks of chicken combined with nuts and fruits, such as golden raisins. They also had grapes on sale for 99 cents/pound, which is a fantastic bargain.
So I decided to use these weekly specials for a nice lunch. The chicken salad was a rare and special treat because it is more expensive than the usual things we put on sandwiches.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - does this combination not look perfect for lunch on a warm day?
The lunch ended up tasting fantastic, despite being prepped in only 5 minutes. The chicken salad is quite sweet with the addition of the raisins. Because the chicken salad contained raisins and nuts, it went well with the fresh grapes. The lunch turned out to be very health as well and was light - perfect for a hot September day in North Carolina.
I tend to watch out for Deli specials at Harris Teeter because these specials are often cheaper than similar products that are packaged. So do not just pass by the deli thinking everything is too expensive, but watch out for specials and see if you can fix a nice lunch or dinner with these specials for your family. Happy munching!

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