Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Product Review: Goodies Box September 2013

Today I received my September Goodies.box. I believe that these are all new products for our household. And we did receive a beverage, which always makes me happy. 
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 So lets start off with the listing of the products:
  • Pitted Green Snack Olives Seasoned with Sevillian Spice
    • These should be interesting. We love olives and usually have at least once a week an antipasto platter as an appetizer for dinner. 
  • Savory Tea 
    • This one I have some concern about, but it is purely personal. It is listed as Fennel and Spice (and maybe everything nice). We will see since I personally do not like Fennel - I had to drink way too much fennel tea a child to cure my constantly upset stomach and now I cannot stomach any fennel flavor.
  • Greek Yogurt Chocolate Bar 
    • I had this brand of protein bar before, but not this flavor. So we will see how Greek yogurt works in a protein bar. Chocolate is usually good, but the yogurt should be interesting.  
  • Acai Grape
    • This was the beverage and I like Acai berries for energy and anti-oxidants. Never had this flavor before and I always, always love to get a beverage so I can sample the beverages and flavors without having to buy a multi-pack.  
  • Fuji Apple Chips 
    • Colleague of mine likes them, I have never had them. But then we gobbled them up for after dinner snack and they are not very sweet. They definitely have an apple flavor, with maybe a hint of cinnamon and are quite crunchy. Overall verdict, interesting concept and certainly healthy, but not as crunchy as I like my chips.
  • Sun 
    • I just had these hummus crisps in a different flavor (seasalt and oil) and loved them. This flavor should be more flavorful and spicy. I am looking forward to these. 
  • Thyme 
    • This one was an unusual  content since it is basically Greek Honey. I sense a theme here. Greek Yogurt bar and Greek Honey. Anyway, should be a good thing to try on sweet bread.
Overall, a pretty good box. Love my fruit acai berry water and plenty of healthy snacks and interesting new flavors to try out. 

Disclaimer: I received a Goodies box in exchange for a nominal fee. All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced by Goodies Co or any third party.

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