Saturday, October 19, 2013

Another Employee Appreciation Day at UNC-Chapel Hill - 2013

Yesterday, on a beautiful Fall day in Chapel Hill, it was time again for Employee Appreciation Day. Unfortunately I was really busy at work and could just go and grab lunch, but not stick around for much else.

As you can see from the image below, they had some nice goodies this year. We got another backpack and a nice waterbottle. Then besides lunch, we got bagged popcorn (already eaten since I had to stay late at work) and some cotton candy.  I also picked up plenty of pens and clips. I bypassed notepads and pencils since I have plenty of these already. But got a bottle of Gatorade and some pretzels. They also had, and this I really liked, a pack of notecards that are blank inside and that you can use for all kinds of purposes.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - the goodie haul from the Employee Appreciation Day
I could not play any of the games, but they had Plinko again and several spin the wheels. They also had a booth where you could play dress up with wigs and hats and have your picture taken. But I did enjoy lunch. This year they had burgers, vegetarian hot dogs, BBQ pork, chicken fingers (they were really good with some honey mustard) and then as sides baked beans, mac and cheese (absolutely disgusting), pasta salad with fresh vegetables (meaning fresh out of the can) and then as dessert brownies and cookies, neither of which I sampled. I hate to be talking so down on the sides but even the tomatoes on the pasta salad were diced out of a can, with the juice staining the pasta red. Some sad canned peas were joining the club of what UNC was trying to pass a fresh vegetables. I have had a garden this year with tomatoes and peppers and so I do know what fresh vegetables are like and I hope that UNC, which is trying to stress healthy living, can improve on what they sell as fresh vegetables. They did have some fresh fruit and so I grabbed an orange instead of the offered dessert and also opted for the pretzels instead of the chips.


Rachael Garfinkle said...

I was only able to go for lunch as well! You got more exciting stuff than I did. I was able to leave my office, but had to stay around our booth (which was giving away notepads). It's nice to see another blogger from NC, someone so close by!

kratzy said...

I had volunteered with the set up and helping out with the games in the past. But we are so busy at work now that I could only go for lunch the last few years. It is a fun event and I hope you had some fun too. I always enjoyed volunteering at these events, including the blood drive. It helps when people from different departments volunteer because the turnout tends to be better through the word of mouth campaign that trickles down to the departments.