Sunday, October 6, 2013

Product Review: GoGoSqueeze - applesauce in a bag!

Through I was able to review GoGoSqueez applesauce. It is all natural, gluten-free and each container has only 60 calories, one serving of fruit and is 100% REAL FRUIT. The flavor of the original applesauce really does taste homemade, nice and sweet, with a slight hint of cinnamon. For those of my readers that are interested, the website is here. In addition to gluten free, the products are non-GMO, have no colors or flavors added and the packaging is BPA-free.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - my little sample box from for GoGoSqueez
As I am sampling yet another applesauce in a bag, I am beginning to wonder why all of a sudden applesauce comes in squeeze bags rather than the little plastic container with the tinfoil covering. Anyone have a hypothesis? My thoughts, you fill less applesauce in the squeeze bags, but charge a similar price to the plastic containers and just upped your profit margin. I like the squeeze bags, don't get me wrong. But it is just curious that these containers now pop up everywhere for applesauce-type foods. Maybe it is the BPA in the regular plastic containers, but I am not sure. Interesting observation though and I will try to figure out why manufacturers are jumping on the squeeze bag bandwagon so quickly. 
copyright Durhamonthecheap - cut little coloring card for the little ones included in my sample package!
Like I stated, the flavor of the original applesauce was really good. I spent more time trying to get the rest of the applesauce out of the container than it took me to initially eat the contents. But I was determined and as I was sitting in my office with the bag between my teeth, I realized that the bag may be popular because it can serve as a quasi pacifier for the kids. Anyhow, GoGoSqueez comes in a huge variety of flavors. Since I got a coupon for a free box (containing four squeeze bags of fruit goodness), I will now have to see what flavors are being carried in the local stores. The organic line of GoGoSqueez comes in apple-banana and apple-raspberry flavors as well as in apple-mango or apple-pear flavor. I am hoping that one of these four, which are my favorite out of the 11 flavors in the organic line, are available locally. The apple-banana sounds really good and has the added benefit of getting banana flavor without having to worry about the bananas bruising in the lunch bag. 

So the question still remains, why all of a sudden the squeeze bags for applesauce. What do you think? Meanwhile, we are enjoying the natural goodness of applesauce in a bag or whatever container we can get it. I actually made some homemade applesauce today with plenty of cinnamon and brown sugar - yum!

Disclaimer: I received from a free package of GoGoSqueez, including a coupon for another 4-container package, as well as additional promotional material. All opinions expressed in the blog post are my own and have not been influenced by or any third party.

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