Thursday, October 31, 2013

bzzagent Product Review: Halloween TruMoo®

Through I received a coupon for a free container of Halloween TruMoo® as well as a number of coupons for 75 cents off a quart. TruMoo is available in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla. The vanilla flavor is new and just in time for Halloween, TruMoo decided to appropriately stain the vanilla milk in a seasonal orange!

copyright Durhamonthecheap - my bzzkit for TruMoo, note the Halloween recipe with orange-colored TruMoo!
I had to go to Walmart to redeem my coupon because neither Kroger nor Harris Teeter carried TruMoo. But no problem,  at Walmart I got the gallon chocolate milk, regularly priced for around $5, and we are thoroughly enjoying the wonderful flavor. Healthy, but tasty, is a wonderful combination and I soon discovered that I can make my own version of a seasonal chocolate milk at home. Walmart did not have the orange flavored vanilla milk and so in the mood for Fall, I decided to add some Pumpkin Spice creamer to the chocolate milk to make my own Pumpkin Spice drink at a fraction of the cost than at the coffee places, but equally enjoyable and probably more healthy as well. All that calcium does a body well.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - who needs coffeehouse prices. Pumpkin Spice chocolate milk means Fall!
And right now is the perfect time to sign up for TruMoo special offers on Fracebook because TruMoo has a sweepstakes going on for fantabulous prices.So head on over to TruMoo on Facebook here and sign up. Just for signing up, you get an instant Goosebumps DVD coupon.

Disclaimer: I received a coupon for a free product from in exchange for an honest review. The views expressed in the blog post are solely my own and have not been influenced by any third party. 

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