Saturday, October 26, 2013

Movie Review: Free Preview of Last Vegas - Timberlyne 6 Chapel Hill, NC

I got access to free passes to a preview event for the CBS Films distributed movie "Last Vegas" starring a strong cast with Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro and Kevin Kline. Also starring are Mary Steenburgen as the love interest for the "mature" men in the movie and Jerry Ferrara as well as Romany Malco. The movie will be released  November 1, 2013 and is rated PG-13 for sexual content and language.

The movie starts off by showing us how the four main characters were as teenagers in New York City, then fast forwards 50+ years to the present time and the occasion that Michael Douglas' character proposes to his much younger girlfriend and now plans to get married in Las Vegas, which provides an opportunity for the old gang to reunite in Sin City for a wild bachelor party.

Things of course do not turn out as intended, but the movie overall provides a lot of jokes about men at an advanced age, the acting is very good and the story is almost believable, if at times also very predictable.

I think in general the preview audience really liked the movie, lots of laughter at many of the scenes and no one left the movie early! But kidding aside, despite some scenes that were not first rate from the screenplay, the actors really make this movie and with a cast including four really experienced and very good actors, some weaknesses in the screenplay are easily overlooked. I would give this movie 4.5 out of 5 stars and will actually watch it again when it comes out on DVD. Love it!

If you want some free passes to movie previews, check out and sign up for movies in your area. I usually get about 5+ movies a years for the Triangle area in North Carolina and you can print out two passes for each event.

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