Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Business Travel - shameless plug for Orlando as a convention location

Occasionally even I get to travel to a conference. This time, for the first time in almost 5 years, it was my turn and the travels took me to Orlando. Getting a direct flight at an ungodly early hour brought me to Orlando around 9AM.
The drive from the airport to the hotel, which is located in the Disney Resort, was only 35 minutes, so not too bad. The weather in Orlando was not the best, the sky was gray and it looked like rain. But on my first day, I was lucky and no rain in sight. I also was able to get a room in the hotel in which all the meetings were held, so no venturing outside for me, which was good because with the gorgeous weather we had in North Carolina I had left my umbrella at home.

Anyway, here is a video of the room. The color scheme is not something I would pick for my house, too much orange and offbeat pastel colors. But the room is big and the view is pretty nice. Furniture and beds are comfortable. With a mini-fridge and Starbucks coffee, my basic needs are met.

I liked the view in particular. I have never lived near the water and looking out the window to see water and ducks is something I will enjoy! There are several restaurants on site, casual dining was definitely more my price range. Even if I had the daily expenses of a higher amount available I would not visit the fine dining place here because the food is just too expensive for what you end up getting. So if you ever plan to stay here, my advice, get a rental and drive to a more reasonably priced restaurant to eat or if you visit the Disney attractions just eat there. They will be overpriced as well, but at least you are in the park. The hotel food is good, but at those prices, I am glad I am not stuck with the bill.

Anyway, Orlando is a great place to visit and these hotels certainly serve the purpose to stay in the resort at fairly reasonable prices.

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