Sunday, September 30, 2012

Product review: Deli Premium Sliced Prosciutto - ALDI

Aldi had German week a couple of weeks ago and I was there to pick up a bunch of items that are either prohibitively expensive at other stores or simply not available someplace else in the Triangle.

One item that was high on my list was Prosciutto, an air dried form of ham that is not cooked and has a very unique flavor. I had previously sampled the Prosciutto at Aldi and really liked the flavor. Coming from Germany, I grew up with Prosciutto, mostly from the Black Forest region, and one of my favorite dishes is to combine Prosciutto with eggs.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - 3oz Prosciutto from Germany on sale at Aldi for $2.49
I picked up 4 packages, each 3oz and on sale for $2.50. Still not very cheap, but then one slice of the air-dried ham is enough to give you enough flavor for a sandwich. In other words, one package lasts a long time.
This morning, eggs were boiled and then rolls were covered with Prosciutto and hard-boiled eggs sliced thinly to cover the egg. A typical German breakfast since I was lucky to pick up Pepperidge Farm artisan rolls at Harris Teeter yesterday on sale for BOGO.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - typical German breakfast with rolls, Prosciutto and eggs

So the next time, Aldi has German week, go ahead and pick up some Prosciutto. Besides on sandwiches, you can also use the Prosciutto to add flavor to homemade Pizza (add it after the pizza comes out of the oven and is still warm), or mix it into sauce to add flavor to a pasta dish. I like to mix finely chopped Prosciutto to sauce with caramelized onions, parsley and milk to make a Carbonara-style pasta dish. Prosciutto, since you can use it sparingly, is a fairly healthy dish, relatively low in fat and watch for the salt content! For complete nutritional information on the Aldi product, go and check out the listing here.

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Unknown said...

That type of prosciutto is not air-dried it is smoked. I have had it before. The germans smoke their prosciutto unlike the Italians.