Sunday, September 2, 2012

Product Review: Glade Expression - Pineapple Mangosteen

Through, I am enrolled in the campaign for the new Glade Expressions. It was the campaign announcement that made me aware of the new product by Glade. I actually could not wait until the coupons arrived and went out to the grocery store to snap up a couple of items from the collection using local sales and coupons. The Glade Expressions comes as a spray, which I will review here, and then also diffuser, which I have not tried yet. will provide me hopefully with coupons to try out the diffuser. Glade has coupons available for these products as well. Check either their company homepage at or their Facebook page. Also, coupons can be found in newspapers. The coupons that I used covered a free starter kit if full price is paid for a refill. Considering the diffuser starter kit sells locally for about $9, these coupons are a really good deal.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - new Glade Expression in Pineapple Mangosteen
The first thing I had to buy was the scent with a combination of pineapple and mangosteen. After having secured during the post holiday sales and by now almost used up a stockpile of Christmas scents, such as apple cinnamon, I was happy to grab a fruity, summery smell. I was not disappointed. This scent is wonderful. I am so happy that I went out and bought the Glade Expression air freshener with coupons from the newspaper because with the coupons from bzzagent, I now have an opportunity to buy more items with the pineapple mangosteen scent!
copyright Durhamonthecheap - the description on how to exchange refills - very simple
The use is very easy. The instructions on how to exchange refills seems fairly straightforward as well and I like the fact that the outside of the container is white, so I can put it in the kitchen on the counter rather than hide it in the cupboard like some of the other sprays that have at times quite colorful looks. Based on my initial impressions with Glade Expressions I cannot wait to receive the coupons from, so I can sample some more products from the Glade Expression line. I am not sure if another scent will come close to pineapple mangosteen, but I will certainly sample at one least other scent from the line.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - the air freshener without the Glade wrap. Simple white look that can fit in many rooms

Disclaimer: As part of, I may received non-monetary rewards and coupons for some products. Nevertheless, the opinions expressed in the blog are solely my own and have not been influenced by or any third party.

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