Thursday, September 6, 2012

Product Review: thinkThin High Protein Bar - Brownie Crunch flavor

As part of my latest Cravebox I was given a thinkThin bar to sample. I have never heard of thinkThin, but the bar indicated that it was high protein, which makes it a good meal replacement when you are in a hurry to leave the house and do not have time to fix breakfast.
The website for the specific flavor Brownie Crunch is here, as you can see they offer a variety of bars, some high protein, others just healthy bars that can be used as snacks.
The nutritional information for my specific bar was:
copyright Durhamonthecheap - nutritional info for high protein Brownie Crunch bar.
Unfortunately, my bar was exposed to warm weather. Even though the expiration date had a while to go, the chocolate covering had turned from brown to gray, usually indicating improper storage or the bar was too old (the latter could not be the case since I checked the expiration date). I had previously heard that the discoloration does not affect taste, so I assume that the flavor remained true. I just want to mention the discoloration in case the flavor was affected.
The bar overall tasted pretty good. It tasted like true chocolate, not the healthy, gluten-free chocolate alternative that I have encountered in other products. So that was a good sign. In addition, the crunch was definitely noticeable and gave a bar a good texture.

from the ThinkThin webpage here

I liked the bar. Can is compare to Snickers or KitKat? No, it is not nearly so overly sweet and the chocolate is somehow lighter - possibly because there are not obvious nuts present in the bar. Importantly, the bar filled me up well. I had only a milk coffee that morning and had to rush to work. So I ate the bar around 8:30AM and it lasted me until noon without feeling hungry or crashing as if I had eaten a sugary cereal for breakfast. I usually have a few almonds at work for a midmorning snack, but with this bar I did not fell hungry at all.
Generally, I can recommend thinkThin as a meal replacement if you buy the high protein bar. The bar fills you up with good energy, there is no sugar-related crash afterwards and the calories and fat are at acceptable levels.

Disclaimer: I obtained a sample of Think Thin Brownie Crunch as a part of the Cravebox program in exchange for a nominal fee. The opinions expressed in the blog are solely my own and have not been influenced by Cravebox or any third party.

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