Sunday, July 28, 2013

another week of peppers and tomatoes - now the sweet peppers come in all shapes and colors

We finally had rain last night and even though it rained on our neighborhood party, I was glad to see some much needed rain for my garden. I have currently a lot of tomatoes and peppers ripen and so the rain will help since I am trying to cut back on watering my garden.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - just another day in my little garden - supplying me with organic veggies!
Today I had a few cherry tomatoes and a regular sized tomato ready as well as a bunch of sweet peppers in all colors from yellow to red in my garden. The cherry tomatoes are like candy and usually get eaten like candy without cutting or adding any spices - just pop them in your mouth and enjoy! I have already a few regular tomatoes in my fridge, so I will make a tomato salad and will serve some plain tomato sandwiches for lunch this week. The tomatoes from the garden are so much better in flavor and you have never eaten a good tomato sandwich unless you have used tomatoes from your garden.

Here is a sample of a tomato sandwich from Pinterest that contains the staples of bacon and real mayo.
recipe from here
If you do not have your own garden and really cannot or want not start one, consider splurging ever so often on organic tomatoes or visit a Farmer's Market to get some real flavorful tomatoes and treat your family to an old-fashioned tomato sandwich!

For the sweet peppers I found another easy recipe that I will try since Aldi now carries regularly Mozarella.
recipe from here
In the recipe they used mozzarella string cheese, but I will use the regular mozzarella that comes in round shapes because it is softer and to me complements with its even milder flavor the sweetness of the peppers better than packaged string cheese. Good thing I have another Aldi trip coming up soon, so I can put mozzarella on my shopping list and use my plentiful sweet peppers as a snack that is both healthy  and flavorful.

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