Saturday, July 27, 2013

Idea for personalized desserts for your next party - personalized cakes with individual frosting choices

I had gotten some time ago small bundtcake forms at Michael's and figured they would come in handy for personalized cakes. They were very cheap and so I was never quite sure how useful they would be.
Today I decided to try them out since I had some dough left from cupcakes and used one of them to make a little cake.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - individual cakes ready to be personalized by the guests
The cake turned out great and is just enough for one person to eat. I was thinking about offering some fresh fruit, such as berries, as well as some whipped cream and possibly hot fudge sauce to go with the cake and allow guests to personalize it to their liking.

Pinterest has other examples of personalized cakes, often used for formal receptions. But I think a small party can also do with a special dessert and a personalized cake is something that is not seen all the time. These little cakes were still simple to prepare and since I have two cake pans at home, I would only need to do three rounds of baking for six cakes. This is certainly doable; especially if I can combine the baking with some other use of the oven, like today in which the oven contained two muffin sheets and the little bundt cake.

Below are some individual cake from Pinterest. As you can see, you can go simple or fancy. But providing individual cakes is just a nice idea that allows guests to be creative, share and enjoy their little after meal present.

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