Friday, July 26, 2013

Book Review: Town in a Pumpkin Bash by B. B. Haywood

A couple of women, Candy and Maggie, that try to bring some holiday cheer and make some extra money by transforming the largely underused pumpkin patch into a Halloween extravaganza, complete with home-made goodies for sale and a wonderful hayride that stops at the piles of pumpkins of various sizes and fake graveyard. Nothing could go wrong? Well not quite since for starters among the fake graves and piles of pumpkin a real dead person is found, who has been murdered. 

But Candy would not be Candy, if Cape Willington’s very own sleuth would not get personally involved in solving the heinous murder. It turns out that the dead person was a potential client that Candy was supposed to meet regarding a vacation rental. But Candy gets further drawn into the mystery when one of the hayride visitors asks Candy to look into a missing journal of his relative. And if that is not enough, Candy finds out that the location of the present crime was the exact location at which a long time ago another dead body of a young woman was found, who died under mysterious circumstances. No one was ever able to identify the identity of the woman or what precisely happened to her. Will Candy be able to solve both crimes or will she be stumped? 

This is a book in a series, in which several prior books were issued. I encountered some references that likely make more sense if you start with the first book of the series and read your way through the books in chronological order. But even without knowing anything about the prior books, this is an enjoyable book that proves a quick read. The book is not describing several mysteries combined in one plot. Despite this complicated sounding storyline, the book is straightforward and the author does a good job to guide the reader through the developments. I would describe this book as a vacation book, something easy to read that you can put down and pick up again, whenever the bad weather prevents you from hanging out at the beach.

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