Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Book Review: The Secret of Happy Ever After by Lucy Dillon

Who has not envisioned the old fashioned English villages that had to move on from the time of Miss Marple to present day? But I personally can never quite see them lose their character and for me they will always be a wonderful mix of tradition and modern conveniences. In this latest book by Lucy Dillon, we delve into one of these villages, Longhampton. This is the place, in which Michelle and Anna work and live, with an emphasis on living. Because Longhampton, despite its everyday problems, is a wonderful community and Michelle, a woman with a knack for business, has a bookstore that is a meeting point for the locals. 

Through the viewpoints of Anna and Michelle we learn about village life, the characters of the people living here and slowly but surely although about the personal problems faced by both women that even the most wholesome of villages cannot hide, because both Anna and Michelle do have problems. The women are the center of the story and their relationships that grows and strengthens through the story is to me an important aspect of the “action” in this book. 

This book by Lucy Dillon is described as a novel, but to me it is also a story about the friendship between two very different women. Michelle, the business women, outwardly strong and determined, who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. On the other hand, Anna is more relaxed and intend on ensuring peaceful relationships between her family members. But Anna also has a strength that Michelle comes to appreciate as we find out that Michelle is a very troubled person, in need to help and support from others. 

Lucy Dillon has written a wonderful story, Uplifting in the end despite a few stumbling blocks along the way. If you value friendships and consider honest friends that stand by you no matter what an important asset, this book will confirm that you are right in valuing these friends for the lifesavers they sometime turn out to be.

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