Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Book Review: Close Knit Killer by Maggie Sefton

Cozy mystery and Ponzi schemes usually do not go well together; too recent is the news of Madoff and others that defrauded so many out of their hard earned money. But Maggie Sefton has written an entertaining mystery story that has as its center the perpetrator of a Ponzi scheme being murdered. Maybe it is the unsavory character of Jared Rizzoli, who shows up in Fort Connor after having served his prison sentence for a Ponzi scheme that makes this murder not an obstacle to the cozy mystery which combines knitting a la Miss Marple with modern sleuthing by Kelly Flynn. 

Everything could be so nice, Kelly’s good friend Mimi Shafer has had so much success with her knitting store called the House of Lambspun that she is looking into expanding. But then Rizzoli is found dead in a car outside of Mimi’s shop, Kelly must find out who really killed Rizzoli because she knows that Mimi, who is the prime suspect, did not do it. And there are plenty of candidates, who would have seen Rizzoli dead rather than alive. After all, several of Fort Connor’s residents lost money and sometimes more to is nasty Ponzi scheme. 

Sefton has written a mystery that shows how the strength of friendship can overcome hardship and betrayal by others. The knitting group works together to lend each other support when Rizzoli turns up in town and then led by Kelly, the ladies start sleuthing to solve the mystery as to who killed Rizzoli because the police, as so often, is on the wrong track. And regarding the Ponzi scheme hurting so many people, do not feel bad if in the end you almost feel sorry for the murderer, I hoped for an understanding judge as well because Rizzoli was just that kind of unsavory character.

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