Sunday, July 28, 2013

shout out to my neighbors who participated in the The Grill Master Competition at West 94th St. Pub (Woodcroft Shopping Center)

At our block party last night, my neighbors arrived with a cooler full of cole slaw, all perfectly portioned in little plastic containers. I asked why go through all the trouble of pre-portioning the slaw. No one has ever gone through that much trouble for a side dish at our block party. I found out about a benefit event in my neighborhood that I would have never heard about, if I had not asked my neighbors about their slaw.

Turned out my neighbors decided to participate in the Grill Master Competition at West 94th St. Pub in the Woodcroft Shopping Center. The benefit event was intended to raise money for the Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC and involved volunteers showcasing their best grill recipes. My neighbor decided to participate out of competition by supplying what I can only presume was a much needed side dish to go with all the grill recipes that involved, as can be expected, mostly meat. 

copyright Durhamonthecheap - smoked sausage on a bun and some homemade neighbor cole slaw
The competition started at Noon and free public tasting started at 3PM with a donation of  five non perishable food items to benefit the Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC. I am sad I missed the event and wished for better publicity to go with this event. Kudos to my neighbors for providing the side dish.

It tasted wonderful for lunch today. The slaw had some kick to it, which I was assured was a secret recipe. So it shall remain a secret, but let's hope for more publicity next year or whenever West 94th St. Pub has more such wonderful benefit events going on. 

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