Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 4th BBQ and Grilling adventure thanks to McCormick

So I received a boatload of stuff from McCormick's grillmasters and could not wait for my July 4th grill adventure to start. I had previously blogged out McCormick's here and was quite impressed with some initial attempts using the flavorings on chicken. But for July 4th I wanted to make something really special. I picked up from smoked turkey legs frozen that we remembered enjoying at the Iowa State Fair years ago and basted them in some BBQ sauce prior to heating them up quickly. I wanted to give them that extra flavor and add a homemade touch. It worked out great. They looked and tasted spectacular.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - mouthwatering good-looking turkey legs - tasted even better than they look!
The turkey legs, improved with Brown Sugar Bourbon by McCormnick's were a hit - they were so good, I was sad that I did not have any more leftover but  a couple. I kept using them on sandwiches for a couple of days, but now will have to order some more to baste them in McCormick's and create this grilled delicacy.
Next came the chicken and I used spiced Brandy and Herb marinade by McCormicks. They too turned out great, mouthwatering spiced with the marinade. Just enough flavor to boost the chicken flavor and stand up to anyone demanding beef or burgers. Chicken breast is so much healthier and now it tastes just as flavorful.
copyright Durhamonthecheapo - spiced brandy and herb marinade by McCormicks
I used my indoor grill for the chicken, since the outdoor grill was filled with hot dogs for the kids.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - chicken breast ready to eat, flavored with McCormick's Grillmasters
copyright Durhamonthecheap - grilled perfection, nice and moist as well as wonderfully flavorful!
Overall, having the McCormick's Grillmasters assortment available certainly widened the choices that I had available for my July 4th. Rather than serve hot dogs and the usual flavored white meats, I could add some spice to the turkey legs and chicken breast. I really liked the fact that several of the items in the Grillmasters line work well with chicken or turkey and pork, the white meat and the more healthier and leaner choices. I prefer to feed the kids hot dogs because they like them and can add their own condiments to the bun. But adults have a taste for something besides burgers and steaks, so the turkey legs and chicken breasts were a big hit and adding the flavor varieties from McCormick's was such a lifesaver because it took the guessing out of mixing up marinades. I really liked the powdered marinades because I can adjust the strength of it and also the amount that I use. I can mix a little bit for a quick supper for the family or make a large batch for a crowd. This gives me more options. I will also attempt to mix in some fresh herbs or spices, such as peppers, from the garden next time and use the marinade as a base. It will be fun experimenting with McCormick's ingredients.

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