Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review: Kroger Private Selection Ice Cream - Chocolate Cinnamon and Coconut Caramel Flan

I had recently an opportunity through to sample Kroger Private Selection products, among them their Private Selection ice cream. I received a couple of coupons for free or reduced products, but actually liked the Private Selection ice cream so much that I went back for some more.
I initially sampled the Chocolate Cinnamon variety and was quite impressed. Let me be clear - this ice cream is rich. Its fat content is quite high, but it is very smooth and a little in a waffle cone will go a long way.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - Cinnamon Chocolate Private Selection ice cream
I really liked that you could taste the cinnamon in the chocolate ice cream. I selected this variety first because I love to make cinnamon coffee, using sticks of cinnamon and boiling them in some milk that is then mixed 50:50 into regularly brewed coffee.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - perfect dessert, a little really goes a long way!
While I do love to add hot fudge sauce or warm raspberries on top of my ice cream, this ice cream is truly rich enough that you only want to eat a scoop and certainly don't want to add hot fudge to it. I simply put a scoop into sugar cones and ate it. Great for after dinner dessert.
Besides this flavor, I also sampled their Coconut Caramel Flan, which I also loved. It has bits of coconut in it as well as caramel swirls. Very rich indeed - but fine for a special treat every now and then.
For your information, another variety of the Kroger Private Selection Ice Cream Sea Salt Caramel Truffle and its nutritional information is listed here.

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Unknown said...

We also love this product, but when we went back to get another pint, there was no more. Kroger needs to know how much we like this. (07/06/13)