Monday, July 2, 2012

Upcoming Aldi special - kitchen supplies

It has been a while since I have written about upcoming Aldi weekly specials, but next week (starting July 4th, 2012) Aldi has some great deals available for people who like to cook.
The kitchen specials include a mandoline slicer for less than $5.00, flexible cutting boards for $2.99 as well as  various gadgets for $1.99.
First off the mandoline slicer that comes with 5 different attachments and a nonslip grip handle. For less than $5 this is a phenomenal deal in my opinion. I am not familiar with the company Kitchen Living, but so far none of the Aldi store brands have disappointed. I will definitely buy this slicer since mine is more than 20 years old and has one fixed blade. I hate using the kitchen processor for cutting veggies and this slicer should work nicely for prepping a quick salad.
Kitchen Living Mandoline Slicer

Next off are the Kitchen Living 4-Piece Flexible Cutting Boards for $2.99. They come in four colors to prevent cross-contamination, allowing you to keep one board just for raw chicken, which I cut on a separate board from anything else because of the high risk of raw chicken causing food-borne illnesses if not properly prepared. The boards are dishwasher safe and measure each 15" x 12".
 Last are the various gadgets for only $1.99. They offer the following utensils: Garlic Press, Ice Cream Scoop, Melon Baller, Citrus Zester, Vegetable Peeler and Apple Corer. With a low price like that I may actually go and buy the apple corer. If you do not have a citrus zester, I highly recommend to jump on this deal. One of my cheap little treats is adding a little bit of orange zest to freshly brewed coffee. It adds an interesting twist to regular coffee. Another use of citrus zest is as a quick topping for plain vanilla ice cream or vanilla pudding. I also add orange or lemon zest to my cheesecakes. Especially in the summer, a little bit of a citrus flavor makes the cheesecake more refreshing!
The complete sales advertisement can be seen here for the week of July 4th, 2012.

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