Saturday, July 7, 2012

Your teeth and gums will thank you - Dentek flossers!

In my Influenster Mom Voxbox I also received floosers by Dentek. One package was in plain white for comfort flossing, the second package was in assorted colors for kids to have fun flossing their teeth.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - the two sample packages of DenTek floss that I received

copyright Durhamonthecheap - the reason I like DenTek flossers, you only need one hand to floss, so convenient.
I have been using DenTek flossers off and on since I really like their design. You only need one hand and the silk is always nicely stretched and that makes flossing so much more comfortable and convenient. With regular flossing silk you always need to use both hands and then to tighten the silk, you almost cut the blood flow off to your fingers. DenTek design is so much more user friendly and that makes it easier to use. Proof in point, I have been flossing regularly with  flossers designed like the DenTek ones and my recent vist to the Dentist showed very little build up, healthy gums and no cavities. Since DenTek makes flossing convenient, you are more likely to floss (this is especially true for kids) and flossing is essential for healthy gums and teeth. I actually catch myself now keeping a package of DenTek flossers in my purse and ever so often simply grabbing a DenTek flosser while stuck in traffic and flossing my teeth. Unthinkable with just flossing silk, but with DenTek this flossing is actually a good stress redeucer.

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