Saturday, March 16, 2013

Aldi special this week: Bulbs for the garden

I want to call attention to Aldi as a place to find great garden supplies. Last year I bought tulip bulbs and Asiatic lilies. All bags were very reasonably priced and the flowers actually showed up in my yard. Big difference to bulbs I had bought in the prior year at Walmart; the iris that I purchased were a definite no show and I had my doubts when I put them in the soil because the bulbs seemed old and very, very dry.

I will post pictures of my tulips and lilies later on this year when they bloom. Right now the biggest enemies to the tulips are the deer, but a little bit of aluminum foil will do the trick. Deer do not like to bite on foil when going for a nice green tulip leaf. ;)

So this week, I purchased some gladiola bulbs and planted them this morning. I should have pictures to show later this year and this will be my first gladiolas!

Here the relevant weekly specials from Aldi for your garden:

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