Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's raining Freebies: Mail haul for a good day!

I do not sign up as much for free stuff anymore as I used, but I still try to capture the occasional freebie that I come across and because of that, I do sometimes have days like today. I consider any day a good that brings no bill. But if in addition to no bill, I get several free things in the mail, the mail day is really good!

So for today, I have three free offers to share with you that actually ended up in small packages arriving at the house. One item is a full size Olay Regenerist product for eye rejuvenation. I am very happy about the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream And Lash Serum Duo since I rarely splurge on full size items these days with the economy being as bad as it still is. So this Olay product is a real treat. This product retails on for $19.00 (check out the full description and initial reviews here)
copyright Durhamonthecheap - Olay Regenerist luxury treat thanks to Vocalpoint!
Keep an eye out for my review. I am really looking forward to this treat and I love Olay products, but they are quite expensive.

The second free item fits in nicely with prior products that I received through bzzagent. It is from Nexxus and is a sample of their Youth Renewal line for which I already sampled their shampoo and conditioners as well as the blow dry spray. Now I get to sample the Nexxus Youth Renewal Elixir, which I have not tested so far. This was a sign up through Facebook, which lately had quite a few companies offering samples or even full size products. I was very happy with the Youth Renewal products and use the shampoo and conditioner now regularly. So I am certain that the Elixir will also be a product that improves my hair health. The full size bottle of the Nexxus Youth Renewal Elixir retails for about $15.00 on Amazon; see the full description and initial reviews here.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - Nexxus Youth Renewal Hair Elixir from Facebook.
Keep in mind that Facebook is not all about games and viruses or unwanted ads. If you are careful about signing up for brand name companies, you can receive samples like this Elixir as well. I would encourage caution to only sign up for brand name companies, even though a lot of small retailers are starting their Facebook pages as well. If you are personally familiar with a small retailer and they advertise their Facebook, you can sign up for these sites as well. But never sign up or allow an application access to your personal information on Facebook, unless you are sure the site is associated with a legitimate business. In addition, unless you are really interested in connecting with people from your first grade class, consider limiting any personal information you share with Facebook to begin with. My public profile has nothing besides my name, I do not disclose my location or any other information because the less you share, the less can be disclosed if Facebook changes their privacy settings yet again without disclosing upfront what information will subsequently be set to public. Also keep in mind that Facebook had recently a breach, in which computers of Facebook employees were hacked due to a web-based vulnerability.

The last freebie I received were some interesting looking coasters. These coasters are not really my taste, but they do the job and protect the furniture. The benefit of signing up for items such as these for free, if you use them up and start looking old, you toss them without feeling bad. And in the meantime, you protected your furniture and the coasters did not cost you anything. I have some nice silver-plated coasters that I rarely use because I want to keep them in good condition and they were not cheap (for coasters). So finding some cheaper or, better yet, free coasters is wonderful for someone like me who hates to throw away anything.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - free coasters - something you can always use!
So you see, this was one good day of free stuff in the mail. I am happy to receive these nice little packages from day to day and after working in the yard on the first nice and warm day of the calendar spring, I love finding little surprised like this in the mailbox.

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