Sunday, March 24, 2013

Michael Angelo's food review: Stuffed Tilapia

As you probably know, if you are following my blog, I love Michael Angelo's frozen food. It is actually the only brand of frozen food I regularly keep in my refrigerator. Some time ago, Harris Teeter had a sale on Michael Angelo's food and so I stocked up on some of the dishes I like. I want to introduce my readers to one dish that not many may associate with Italian food - Stuffed Tilapia.

The product description of Stuffed Tilapia by Micheal Angelo's can be found here. The description indicates that the Michael Angelo's version of stuffed tilapia is a little bit different than some other versions you may find on the market. The dish is a whole meal because the fish is actually placed on a bed of prepared vegetables consisting of spinach, onions, tomatoes and some crackers. The consistency of the underlying vegetables is almost like wonderful homemade stuffing prepared in a way that is so not Thanksgiving, but still traditional comfort food.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - fish and stuffing done Michael Angelo's style!

The fish itself is covered with a lemon-garlic butter sauce that also contains roasted bell peppers and traditional Italian spices. Now garlic is not something I enjoy eating. To the contrary, in many restaurants or even frozen foods, I stay away from anything that mentions garlic. So I have to admit that initially I had my doubts about eating Michael Angelo's dishes because they always list garlic as an ingredient and I was worried that I could not eat them. But Michael Angelo's does use garlic right, the same way that my Italian friends use it. Garlic is used to add complexity to the dish, but not be the first and last thing to taste.

So if you are like me and you do not like garlic, be warned that you will smell garlic when you heat the tilapia in the microwave, but - you will not really taste the garlic in the finished meal. I really like this dish, the fish is wonderfully flaky and the veggies are a nice complement to the fish and the portion size is definitely sufficient to create a filling meal either for lunch or dinner. You can see from the image that the fish is a good-sized portion and excellent quality. So even though you may not think of stuffed tilapia when you think of Italian food, the Stuffed Tilapia by Michael Angelo's is definitely a dish I can recommend if you feel like home-cooked meals but simply do not have the time.

Please note that the dish is fairly high in saturated fat (89%) and salt (52%), so enjoy in moderation. I usually make it a dinner, especially if I had a light lunch because I was too busy at work to sit down and eat a regular lunch. Just balance the remaining ingredients for your meals around the Tilapia and you can enjoy a nice Italian dinner.

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B.O.B said...

I would like to know from what country they get their Tilapia. If it comes from China it is not safe for consumption.