Sunday, March 10, 2013

Book Review: The Survivor by DiAnn Mills

I came across this book of all places on, which usually caters to books with a Christian theme. The summary for this book made it appear an odd choice for such a website.

The author DiAnn Mills is one of the founding board members of the American Christian Fiction Writers and I think her works show that Christian books can be just as entertaining and gripping as books by any other author. Because this book is both action-filled and a real gripping mystery story that keeps you turning the page, wanting to find out whether the heroine can be saved.

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The summary can be briefly stated as Kariss, our heroine, meets the survivor of a brutal childhood attack, who is finally ready to tell her story to Kariss. As Kariss begins to jot down the traumatic events of long ago, she becomes deeper and deeper entangled into a mystery of her own that ends up posing mortal danger to her. Too bad that Kariss had previously broken up with FBI agent Santiago Harris. But as Kariss gets closer to the danger, Santiaga, called Tigo for short, comes into the story again and the author does a very good job of interweaving the story line with the personal struggles of the protagonists. Even the biggest heroes are not without fault and so we learn about parenting, lies, infidelity as Tigo tries to save Kariss from the evil that seems to haunt her now.

I like the way that DiAnn Mills add Christian themes to the storyline without ever becoming a preacher. While she clearly tries to paint examples of Christians that overcome struggles and turn out to be better people in the end, she also tells a very good thriller that just happens to involve people, whose religion is an important part of their character.

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