Saturday, December 22, 2012

Harris Teeter Produce on sale - Red Currants - give them a try!

Harris Teeter has this week Red Currants on sale. I have rarely, if ever before, seen these tiny little red fruits on sale anywhere. And for a price $4 for around 11oz, the sale price is not too bad.

I plan to plant a couple of currant shrubs in my backyard this spring and hope that the fruits will thrive in this climate. In Germany, red currants are found on a regular basis. But the weather tends to be colder. There is also significantly more rain throughout the year. North Carolina is in Zone 7, red currants prefer zones 3 and 4, but I am hoping that with regular water and good soil, I can manage to grow them in North Carolina.
The shrubs products clutches of tiny red and very tart berries. I love red currant jam, but they are also excellent in pies.

copyright Durhamonthecheal - a nice dessert plate, combining sweetness with the tart red currant berries
Because the red currants were still quite pricy, even on sale, I did not want to use them in pie or jam.. I decided to make a little dessert plate for an after lunch snack. Since the red currants were tart, I paired them with sweet treats, including a ripe banana and dark chocolate covered gingerbread domino stones. The domino stones were on sale at Aldi the past few weeks and, even though covered in dark chocolate, are quite sweet because their filling consists to a large part of fruit jelly.

We munched on this plate after lunch and the tartness of the red currants was a wonderful contrast to the banana and domino stones.

So if you live in an area in which Harris Teeter stores are represented, you may want to make use of the weekly special that offers red currant berries on sale. I am glad I snatched two packages of these deliciously tart berries. If you want to find out more about red currants, that by the way are rich in vitamin C, have a look at the wikipedia entry here.

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