Thursday, December 27, 2012

Product review: Cafe Escapes Vanilla and Caramel coffee

I had received a sample pack from Cafe Escapes through their Facebook promotion and was quite excited to give their Vanilla Coffee and their Caramel Coffee a try since many people seemed to really like their coffee. I expected their coffee to be in line with the International Foods-type coffee since it had milk and sugar added already. But I was in a for a surprise.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - so far, so good - cup, Keurig and Cafe Escapes sample are ready!

copyright Durhamonthecheap - trying the Cafe Escapes Cafe Caramel first!

copyright Durhamonthecheap - looking good, a nice creamy liquid is coming out of the machine!

copyright Durhamonthecheap - my first ever Cafe Escapes cup!
So the coffee looked good and definitely emitted a caramel smell, but I was struck immediately by an overly sweet sensation. And one sip confirmed that while the intention for making this coffee may have been good, the product in my opinion was subpar. International Foods also has sugar and milk added to a powder and generated a sweetened milk-coffee when prepared. But Cafe Escapes was just too sweet and seemed to have in my opinion a very fattening and too rich consistency. I drank the cup, barely, but I figured I may as wall give the cup the benefit of the doubt and finish it to make sure that my impression was true. I then sampled the Vanilla Cafe later on and the impression was similar; the mix was too sweet and extremely rich - while not really tasting like coffee.

I rarely write bad reviews, but I am very disappointed with Cafe Escapes for their Caramel Coffee and Vanilla Coffee. I had hoped for a nice coffee flavor sweetened with caramel and some milk thrown in to soften the coffee taste. Similar for the Vanilla coffee; what I ended up with something that really did not resemble coffee anymore because I could not taste any coffee. This was almost like really sweet caramel or vanilla milk.

Cafe Escapes has other products and I am certainly willing to try additional flavors. But personally, I will not purchase these two flavors in the stores. I would be curious to hear what others think about these two specific Cafe Escapes flavors and, if possible, let me know how they compare to other Cafe Escapes products. Cafe Escapes has also hot chocolate as well as mochas - so it is possible that the remaining flavors have a more pronounced coffee influence and may be more to my liking.

For this product my ranking about 0 out of 5 starts - being that bad that I am not sure I will use the remaining two samples I have left over.

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