Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sunday eVic special - Harris Teeter 1Gal Milk only $2.77

Do NOT forget to stop by Harris Teeter tomorrow to get your eVIC specially prized milk. One Gallon of any HT storebrand milk is only $2.77. If the farm bill is not passed, milk could see a sharp increase in price. But even without the Farm Bill issue, $2.77 is a very good price for 1 Gallon of milk.

In case you are wondering, milk can be frozen. For freezing, skim milk or any milk with relatively low fat content works best. After freezing the milk, you can thaw it in the fridge and then use it like any fresh milk from the grocery store. So you can make use of the LIMIT 2 for this eVIC special. One tip, if you want to freeze milk, pour enough out of the gallon container to free up about 1 inch from the top to allow for expansion in volume during freezing. After the milk is thawed, shake it up to mix properly and use within a week or so.

Happy HT eVic shopping!

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